Log Book Servicing

Many people are unaware of the rules surrounding logbook servicing. If your car is still under warranty, it’s your choice where you’d like to have your car serviced. Even if your vehicle is brand new, you can have it serviced at MV Auto Service and Repair
without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

A logbook or handbook service is when your car is serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. We will check, repair or replace the components and fluids in your vehicle at the recommended intervals. Choose MV Auto Service and Repair for the logbook service Perth locals trust.

Knowing When to Service Your Car

Different servicing requirements are scheduled for different times of the year for logbook servicing. If you aren’t sure when to book in for a specific service requirement, get in touch with our team for assistance.

We can take care of your car with:

  • Spark plug replacements
  • Engine diagnostics
  • New air filters
  • Replacement fuel filters
  • Blake fluid
  • Radiator and cooling, and much more

Our 1st class mechanics use only genuine parts and specialist automotive engineering to complete all logbook servicing as specified by the manufacturer. We offer complete services and safety checks using the latest diagnostic equipment and expertise.

Your New Car Warranty Stays Intact

Many new car owners are concerned that having their car serviced by anyone except their original dealer will void their warranty. This is incorrect! Dealers cannot void a warranty when you service your car elsewhere; however, it is your responsibility to
choose a service centre that meets the manufacturer’s standards.

At MV Auto Service and Repair, we use genuine parts and lubricants that exceed legal standards to maintain your car’s warranty. For example, whether you need a Hyundai logbook service or Mitsubishi logbook service, our team works on every make and model.

Book a Logbook Service in Perth

MV Auto Service and Repair is a family-owned team of specialists, and we keep our prices low all year ‘round. Book your car in for a service today to protect your vehicle and your warranty. Get in touch by calling 0405 811 618 or contacting us online.

Our Service Deals
Standard Oil Change

From $99

Minor Service

From $110

Major Service

From $155

MV Premium Service

From $280

Engine Oil Drained and Refilled Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replace Oil Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine Flush Optional: Additional $20 Optional: Additional $20 Optional: Additional $20 Yes
Replace Air Filter No No Yes Yes
Replace Cabin Filter No No No Yes
Spark Plugs No No Optional: Additional Standard Sparkplugs
Replacement from $119/Set(4)
Optional: Additional Standard Sparkplugs
Replacement from $119/Set(4)
Replace Fuel Filter (Only for 4×4 Diesel Vehicles) No No Yes Yes
Fuel Tank Additive No No No Yes
Cooling System Check (Includes Coolant Concentration Test) No Yes Yes Yes
Braking System Check (Includes Fluid Test) No Yes Yes Yes
Battery and Alternator Test No Yes Yes Yes
Lights and Electrical Operation Check No Yes Yes Yes
Mechanical Leaks Check No Yes Yes Yes
A/C Temperature Check No No Yes Yes
Belts and Hoses Conditions Check No Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Condition and Pressure Check No Yes Yes Yes
Tyre Shine & Wheel Rotation No No No Yes
Steering and Suspension Check No Yes Yes Yes
Windscreen Water Top Up (Includes Additive) No Yes Yes Yes
Complementary Interior Vacuum and Window Cleaning No Yes Yes Yes


Prices Listed Above are Based on Parts of Hyundai Getz TB, Toyota Corolla ZZE122R and Nissan Pulsar N16, Prices Varies Depend Upon Make and Model of your Vehicle.

Surcharge Will Apply for Engine Used Over 4.5L of Oil

Surcharge Will Apply for Cartridge Oil Filter

Surcharge Will Apply for European Vehicles

Surcharge Will Apply for SUV’s, 4×4 and Larger vehicles