Log Book Servicing

Many people are unaware of the rules surrounding logbook servicing. If your car is still under warranty, it’s your choice where you’d like to have your car serviced. Even if your vehicle is brand new, you can have it serviced at MV Auto Service and Repair
without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

A logbook or handbook service is when your car is serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. We will check, repair or replace the components and fluids in your vehicle at the recommended intervals. Choose MV Auto Service and Repair for the logbook service Perth locals trust.

Knowing When to Service Your Car

Different servicing requirements are scheduled for different times of the year for logbook servicing. If you aren’t sure when to book in for a specific service requirement, get in touch with our team for assistance.

Our team committed to use only OEM specification parts and lubricant to ensure your vehicle will safely complete manufacturer logbook schedule/interval without affecting your warranty”

Basic service

What if your car is no longer exercise logbook servicing?

You’re not alone… almost 6 out of 10 vehicles coming to service centre are no longer exercising manufacturer logbook servicing, this could be due to the cost or customer purchased pre-owned vehicles without any service record. Here at MV Auto Service & Repair our team can continue to maintain your vehicle to ensure it is running at its best safety standard. Our basic service will include:

  • Drain and renew engine oil
  • Replace Oil filter

Plus, all the below complimentary

  • General electrical lighting, windscreen wiper performance check
  • Starting and charging system check (including battery voltage test)
  • Cooling and heating system performance check (includes coolant concentration test)
  • Steering and suspension inspection
  • Tyres, brakes and under vehicle condition inspection
  • Belts, hoses condition inspection
  • Oil/fluid leak inspection
  • Car vacuum and interior surface wipe down
  • Service reminder reset

Yes, that’s right! this is an additional 1-hour worth of inspection labour for FREE with any basic service provided by our 1st class, fully qualify mechanic!

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