With over 30 years of experience, the family-owned and operated team at MV Auto Service & Repair are your automatic transmission repair experts. Whether your car is manual or automatic, having a healthy gearbox will ensure optimum driveability, reliability and fuel economy.

Why You Should Get Your Transmission Serviced

The gearbox in your car is what allows it to travel at a range of speeds and power levels. Automatic transmissions operate without clutches, yet they still require regular servicing. Keeping your transmission smooth involves changing the transmission fluid to remove any dirt that could affect the inner gears. Transmission failure happens when this dirt or grit builds up, and this can lead to extremely expensive repairs or replacements.

The MV Auto Process

It’s important to have your transmission serviced once a year due to the average rate of wear and tear on your car’s components. When you bring your car to MV Auto Service and Repair, we offer fast auto transmission service which includes:

  • Draining the transmission fluid and cleaning the pan
  • Thoroughly inspecting the drained oil for signs of problems
  • Removing and replacing the transmission filter
  • Fitting a new gasket
  • Filling the transmission with clean oil and testing for leaks
  • Road testing your car to ensure it is operational after the transmission service is completed

This simple process goes overlooked too often. If we do find any issues within your oil or contaminated fluid, our team may recommend a transmission flush along with a complete service. No matter what happens, we will make sure you completely understand the problem before we start working.

Book Your Car In for High-Quality Servicing

If you’ve noticed issues with your transmission or if it’s time to book in for a log book service, get in touch with MV Auto Service and Repair in Perth by calling 0405 811 618 or contacting us online.

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