A Closer Look at Your Wheels, Tyres & Suspension

A Closer Look at Your Wheels, Tyres & Suspension

Nov 7

Every component in your car is important. Some parts help to keep you safe while others keep you comfortable. There’s no doubt that the wheels, tyres and suspension in your vehicle are absolutely crucial to getting where you need to go. In this article, MV Auto is breaking down these three aspects of driving so you can understand what’s going on every time you start your car.

The Invention of the Wheel

Most people understand the physics behind how the wheel works, so we’re not going to bore you with unnecessary details. What you may not know is how your wheels are powered, and this comes down to the driveshaft that connects the engine to the wheels. The drive shaft turns as the combustion engine burns gasoline, sending power to the rear axle and wheels.

The wheels and tyres work in harmony to move the car forward. Without tyres, the wheels would still rapidly turn but they wouldn’t be able to grip the road, so they would just damage themselves and the asphalt as they spun.

What are Tyres Made Of?

There are a few components that go into making a tyre, including:

  • An inner lining made of air-tight rubber
  • A sidewall that keeps the tyre rigid and absorbs road bumps to make your drive more comfortable
  • The apex – this minimises distortion of the beads of rubber and reduce the chances of damage by impact
  • The tread – this is the part that grips the road and offers stability
  • Beading – this is a length of wire with a rubber core that fixes the tyre to the rim of the wheel
  • A belt of steel wire or fabric – this goes within the wall of the tyre that faces downwards and ensures the widest area of tread is touching the road at all times
  • Shoulder – disperses heat generated by the tyre touching the road
  • Carcass – an inner mesh of cord that supports the weight of the tyre and spreads the impact
  • Chafer – stops the inner tyre from touching the wheel rim (metal on metal is a bad mix)
The Problem with Misaligned Wheels

The most common issue with wheels and tyres is misalignment. Driving on bad roads, hitting curbs and general wear and tear can lead to misalignment, and this accelerates uneven wear on your tyres. Tyres are expensive, and regular tyre alignment is a cost-effective method of expanding the lifespan of your investment!

Your vehicle will drive smoother and continue pointing in the right direction if you keep up with your maintenance requirements! So, stop looking for “wheel alignment and balancing near me” and bring your car to MV Auto in Perth. Our family-operated team will keep your car in peak performance. Call us on 0405 811 618 or contact us online.

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