How Important Is The Logbook Service For Your Vehicle?

How Important Is The Logbook Service For Your Vehicle?

Jan 30

Buying a new car brings happiness and responsibility. While a new car works in its best condition, it is essential to get regular servicing done to keep it running for longer.

You may have heard about the logbook service and should know it is the most important service for a new car.

But what exactly is a logbook service? And why is it important for your car?

Keep on reading to find out.

What is a logbook service?

Logbook services are the services done on a new vehicle. Every new vehicle owner is required to make a timely appointment for logbook service. If you fail to get this service on time, it can violate your car’s warranty.

Therefore, to retain your car under warranty, you must maintain a logbook servicing and keep a record of it in the logbook.

It is not essential to get your logbook service done only by the manufacturer. you can go to a good licensed mechanic who is authorised to perform logbook service.

If you live in Wangara, you must make sure that you get your Logbook Service in Wangara by a licensed mechanic. 

MV Auto Service Repairs offer Logbook Service in Kwinana Beach, Wangara and Armadale.

The importance of logbook car service

Getting regular logbook services for a new car has many benefits.

Easier to claim a warranty

You need to verify that you have correctly maintained your car’s logbook servicing in order to claim the repairs under your car’s warranty in case of an accident. If you cannot prove this, then the dealer or manufacturer can consider your warranty void and deny paying for the repairs. Any you’ll end up bearing huge costs on your own.

To avoid a situation like this and ensure that your warranty stays intact, you need to maintain the logbook servicing record.

You also need to ensure that you hire a qualified specialist to do it and any replacements are done with authentic parts.

Reduced repair costs

Maintenance is always cheaper than repair. 

Regular servicing helps to increase the lifespan of your automobile and lower future repair expenses whether or not it is still covered by a warranty. Therefore, logbook servicing keeps your car in top shape, resulting in fewer or no payments for future repairs and replacements.

Great resale value

Down the line when you wish to sell your car, having a properly maintained logbook helps maintain and even increase its resale value.

Naturally, if your car has been carefully maintained, you will only receive the best price when you sell it a few years from now. Showing the buyer your logbook is the best way to prove this to them. Your technician stamps your logbook each time you complete a logbook service, maintaining proof that your car has been properly taken care of and is working in its best condition. 

These are some of the ways logbook servicing can help you save money, reduce stress, and enjoy driving your vehicle.

If you’re looking for the best-licensed mechanics for Logbook service, then look no further.

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