The Ever-Changing World of Engine Diagnostics

The Ever-Changing World of Engine Diagnostics

Nov 7

You may have heard the term “engine diagnostics” when you go to the mechanic. This usually involves hooking your car up to a machine that determines what’s going on and where the problems are. To help you understand what happens during engine diagnostics, we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

What is “Car Diagnostics”?

Modern cars are essentially giant computers that are constantly regulating every minor function. At MV Auto, our mechanics use state-of-the-art machinery to access your car’s reporting and computer system – this is where your car logs all faults and errors. This simple test can usually tell us everything we need to know about the condition of your engine.

The Benefits of Engine Diagnostics

In the old days, there was a lot of guesswork and unnecessary time involved in diagnosing car troubles. Modern technology can save you a lot of time and money by quickly telling your mechanic what’s gone wrong, allowing them to pinpoint the problem areas and get straight to repairing.

Another benefit of engine diagnostics is preventative maintenance. Knowing when little issues occur will give us the opportunity to correct the problem before it worsens and becomes extremely expensive and inconvenient.

Recent Changes to the Field

Every year, new and improved software is released for running engine diagnostics. New software allows us to produce reports that cover the computer codes, critical data and sensor information – something that was unimaginable a decade ago.

In the past 5 years, we’ve been able to run verification tests that check the ignition system, engine vacuum, backpressure and the emissions system, ensuring everything is operating how it should.

The Most Common Engine Problems

The most common engine problems that we discover and repair at MV Auto include:

  • Engine knock – this is caused by low oil pressure
  • Engine rattling – this is usually caused by worn-out components
  • Leaking gaskets and seals
  • Overheating problems from a faulty cooling system
  • Fuel injector problems – either too much or too little
  • Misfiring engine – also known as ‘running lean’
How Do We Fix Engine Problems?

After we’ve collected all of the data from the engine diagnostic tests, we start to research what’s causing the issues. Analysing the results allows us to understand what needs to be done to repair the vehicle. In most cases, repairs involve:

  • Replacing parts
  • Rewiring or replacing certain systems
  • Updating the vehicle’s computer
  • Deep cleaning sections under the hood
Bring Your Car to MV Auto in Perth

When it comes to engine diagnostics, you want an experienced and reliable team of mechanics. MV Auto is your go-to specialist for assessing and repairing engines in Perth. We offer auto transmission service and automatic transmission repairs at affordable prices. Call us on 0405 811 618 or contact us online.

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