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What Happens in a Log Book Service?

You’re probably sick of hearing it now but the old saying, “prevention is better than a cure” is extremely true when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. A log book service is the absolute minimum requirement to extend the life of your car and keep your warranty intact. In this article, the team at MV Auto is exploring what happens during a log book service.

Your Best Method of Car Maintenance

A log book service is a proactive approach to keeping your car in the best possible condition. Letting a mechanic inspect your vehicle and do little repairs here and there will keep the car running smoothly and efficiently, preventing small issues from turning into major damage.

The tasks involved in a log book service are carefully designed to be completed at specific intervals. Each car is issued with a log book from the manufacturer. This book explains when certain maintenance jobs need to be done. We recommend keeping your log book in your glove box so you know where it is at all time.

The Stages of a Log Book Service

A log book service should be performed on your vehicle every 10,000kms so that the car can be inspected exactly how the manufacturer intended. Your mechanic will be able to carry out all safety checks, measures, replacements and repairs in exact accordance with the log book.

One of the most important aspects is that your oil is changed every 6 months because even without travelling the full 10,000kms, your engine oil can deteriorate over time.

A log book service involves a 40-point inspection, which includes:

  1. Wiper blades
  2. Washer fluid
  3. Horn
  4. Mirrors
  5. Dash indicator lights
  6. Headlights
  7. Parking lights
  8. Turn signals
  9. Brake lights & fluid
  10. License plate lights
  11. Reverse lights
  12. Engine oil
  13. Transmission fluid
  14. Hose condition
  15. The tension of the belts
  16. Battery holder & hold-down
  17. Battery cables
  18. Battery charge indicator colour
  19. Fluid leaks
  20. Exhaust system
  21. Drive line
  22. Alternator
  23. Air conditioning
  24. Power steering
  25. Anti-freeze
  26. Air pump
  27. Water pump
  28. Serpentine
  29. Heater inlet & outlet
  30. Bypass hose
  31. Upper & lower radiator
  32. Power steering
  33. Vacuum hose
  34. Fuel hose
  35. Air filter
  36. PCV valve & hose
  37. Fresh air duct/hose
  38. Radiator cooling fan(s)
  39. Tyre tread depth
  40. Tyre pressure

How Long Does a Log Book Service Take?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the make and model of your car and how busy the mechanic is. As a rough guide, our log book service in Perth will take between 2 and 4 hours but it’s best to check with your mechanic when you drop your car in.

At MV Auto, our mechanics usually work on one vehicle until all of the required checks are complete; however, if your car requires additional repairs or new parts, this can affect how long the process takes.

The Car Mechanic Perth Relies On

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional team of mechanics in Perth, speak to MV Auto. Book your log book service in with us to ensure your car goes the distance. Call us on 0405 811 618 or contact us online.

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